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    Own costume was warm. I took off my cape and sat down. I was joined by a man in a knight costume. He had taken off his helmet and his face was sweaty and masculine. He was very good looking. I complimented his sword. He smiled and said, "Yours is not bad either." I laughed; I had forgotten I had a sword too. I looked into his eyes and said, "I would love to compliment your other sword." People began leaving with each other. His face lit up and he leaned in to kiss me. All around us were couples kissing and groping ...

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asian girl big cock - A little so she could become used to the feeling. Then he pressed a little further and watch her bottom taking his cock deeper. Janet clutched the sheets in her fists, almost telling him that it hurt too much. She could feel the head of his cock pressed against her bottom, stretching her beyond her imagination. In her mind, she could see her bottom, pierced by James's hard cock. Suddenly, her thighs tightened and she rocked back. The rim of his cockhead slipped past the tight ring of muscle and she cried out in a mixture of pain and triumph. She had taken his cock into her bottom and he was sliding ...

kissing lesbian wet - Couple of months we would continue to discuss those things, and attempted to plan on a few separate occasions a time where I would make the half hour drive from Kitchener to Guelph to pick him up, and then we'd find a place to park where we'd experiment with each other in the back seat. None of these times worked out, I don't know if he got nervous and made an excuse to cancel, or if he really couldn't make it. After a while it seemed like I never heard from him anymore, ...

fat woman tit - I had to present myself in the nude to Aunt Elenore for depiliation. The merest hint of stubble insured that she would repeat the ritual established during that first bath night. Shaving legs, underarms and pubic area resulted in way too much hair in the tub. The plumbing protested. Needing a plumber to snake out the bath drain was Aunt Elenore's inspiration for creating an outside hair-removal routine. On Saturdays I was lathered up with a depiliatory from chin to toes and had to stand on the back porch while it dried. After ...

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mf tickling pictures - Occuring over the next two weeks but nothing that scared her away. It was almost as if an angelic presence were watching over her. She felt it everywhere she went in the castle. It's strongest was in the master bedroom. The marriage bed it would have been called in their day she guessed. She sat down upon the gigantic bed with it's goose down pillows and canopied drapes pulled to the sides showcasing it's dusty rose satin comforter. As she made herself comfortable, she was startled by his voice."I ...

helpless tickling - The two men and two women took seats on the couches and chairs positioned around the large living room. The Grandfather clock now struck ten times. Master returned with five fluted glasses and a magnum of champagne. Conversation continued between the five people as I stayed quiet and still, my body exposed to the eyes of my Master's guests. I was able to identify the people by name through the conversation. Becky was the tall redhead who had circled me and commented on my dark complexion. Her mate, not sure ...

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We still have a lot to say to each other. Let's just talk, minus phone sex if necessary. Let's at least keep in touch, for Christ's sake." She nodded, looking at me with slightly damp eyes. "You're right. But how do you feel about me. I mean really, do you care about me?" "Roxanne, I just told you, I want to keep talking, even without the lust part of our 'relationship,' which is something I clearly really, really enjoy. YES, I do care about you." "But you married someone else. Not me." ...

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Nifty Erotic Stories Archive - Gay Fiction
A freely-accessible archive of tens of thousands of sexually-explicit erotic stories involving alternative sexualities (queer, gay male, lesbian, bisexual, and trans).
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Nifty Erotic Stories Archive: Gay Male Stories
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Adult Friends
Stories about Adult Friendships that become Relationships
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Stories about Cross-Generational Relationships

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive: Bisexual Stories
Bisexual erotic stories: adult-friends, college, encounters, authoritarian, incest, celebrity, athletic, interracial, watersports.

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Gay Male, Bisexual, Lesbian and Trangender stories added within the past 10 ... 31K, Apr 9 09:50, gay/adult-youth/young-but-daily-growing/flights-of-angels-9.

Nifty Archive: Bestiality Stories - Nifty Erotic Stories Archive
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Nifty Archive: incest - Nifty Erotic Stories Archive
Gay male erotica stories involving brothers, fathers and other male family members. ... Dir, Apr 2 21:50, i-want-my-son-pierre/. Dir, Apr 2 21:38, policemans-boy/.

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10+ items - Nifty Erotic Stories Archive. User-submitted sexually-explicit and ... - Words to Come by from Men who Love Men.
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Fifty Shades of Grey Proves Self Publishing Is On The Rise ... › Media & Culture › Books
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Apr 2, 2012 - As the sensual Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy continues to rise in sales, ... Nifty Erotic Stories Archive Geared towards fans of gay, lesbian, and ...

Urban Dictionary: nifty
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Refers to, a rather large archive of erotic literature, a bit of it rather ... gay/lesbian/bi/trans, sex with children, and at least one rendition of the story ...

Nifty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nifty Comics; the Nifty Erotic Stories Archive, an online repository of ... and transgender) erotica, originally hosted on Usenet · Nifty Fifty, a colloquial term for the ...

Nifty At Fifty - Loving Wives -
Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Loving WivesNifty At Fifty ... As far as I'm concerned, you're just as beautiful and sexy at 50 as you were when you were 20.

Anne Rice - Erotica in the news. Jennifer Walker writes ...
Follow Your Fantasy: Reshaping Erotica in a Post-Fifty Shades World. .... Nifty Erotic Stories Archive - Gay Fiction.

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The Nifty Erotic Stories Archive: Website Review
The Nifty Erotic Stories Archive ( is a well organized online ... The site's main section is the story section that asserts it has more than fifty thousand files.

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